Destiny: Rising Light Emblem

January 7th – January 10th 11:59PM PST Rising Light Emblem Qualify to receive the Emblem for playing “Destiny.”

Destiny: Belated Christmas Gift?

Guardians, If you haven’t been playing Destiny in 2016, here’s a little incentive from Bungie to get rolling. I finally logged back on last night and found a little treat waiting for me. Retrieve 15 Motes of Light and 15 Strange Coins from the Postmaster at The Tower. Xur is still around tonight at The…

Destiny | Three Weeks of Sparrow Racing

Correct. For three weeks, you can compete, using your sparrow for more than just getting from Point A to B. December 8th looks to be the starting line. We’ll see how it goes. -Eric

Destiny™ PlayStation Exclusive: Neuroghast 1.0

A fellow Guardian asked me a question on YouTube about this video I posted. He had never seen this helmet in The Taken King and wondered if it is exclusive to PlayStation. I did a little digging. Yep. It is. Each Class has a PlayStation exclusive set of armor. Like the Exotic weapon, Hawkmoon, from Year…

NEWS | Destiny™ Exotic: Graviton Forfeit

One of my favorite new Helmets introduced in The Taken King is called, Graviton Forfeit, worn by the Hunter Class. Instead of the usual face-plate, there’s no face at all with the voided area being cover in this purple smoke that constantly moves upward. How cool is that? 🙂 Still, a Guardian’s priority (mine, at…

NEWS | Destiny Exotic Weapon: Hereafter

The Agent of the Nine has returned. On sale this week, the Year Two version of No Backup Plans for the Titan Class; the Year Two version of Don’t Touch Me for the Hunter Class; and The Stag for the Warlock Class. He also has an Exotic “Legacy” Heavy Weapon Engram for 31 Strange Coins….

NEWS | Invite to “Eververse”

October 13, 2015: I received this graphic within an email from Bungie Studios yesterday. Guardians were introduced to the Eververse Trading Company (EV) owned by Tess Everis. For now, Tess only sells a variety of Emotes that I’ve seen Guardians used in…unique ways…first hand. What makes Eververse unique to the game is you have to pay…

ARTICLE | GameRant – The GunSmith Update

“Destiny ARTICLE | “Destiny Improves the GunSmith…” by Anthony Taormina | 1 day ago The GunSmith is my favorite NPC (non-player character) in all of Destiny. I love the voice of this character. He, like many other NPCs in the game, will become more relevant in the 2.0.0 Update. I am so happy for most the…

ARTICLE| The Ten Best Weapons in Destiny[?]

ARTICLE | By Anthony Taormina | (6 months ago) There is a ton of news about Destiny since we are a little less than 4 days from any new content being released for The Taken King. I am interested in collecting the best weapons in the game because it makes me a more efficient Guardian….

TWITCH | LIVE STREAM – [Enter] the Dreadnaught

Join us for a live preview of what you can expect from Destiny’s newest destination: the Dreadnaught. Join Design Lead James Tsai and Special Community Guest Mr. Fruit as they traverse this alien environment. Additional topics will include: A preview of new Guardian Subclasses Live gameplay of the Cabal-themed Strike

NEWS | The Abandoned Fourth Class (GameInformer)

Greetings, Guardians: Yet, another GI article on Destiny’s new expansion, “The Taken King.” Are they overdoing the frequency of these articles? Most likely. Still, here I am telling you about it. So, their job is done. You can read the new GameInformer article here. A few short video clips are included showing each new sub-class…