SUROS: PDX-45 | Ready to Roll

Hello Guardians,
I made some spare time to really look at the Nodes on these weapons and have been watching YouTube videos from some of the better players in Destiny to learn which Perks are better than others. Well, I already have my favorites, of course. However, it’s always good to see how others play and learn from any tips they give. I’ve found quite a bit of information.

So much so, I’ve just created a Definitions page to keep up with Node options. Last week, I ordered a SUROS PDX-45 because the Pulse Rifles seem to have more kick to them than I remember. The Crucible Pulse Rifle, Hawksaw, is popular; the PDX-45 is the same model with a different skin. So, if you Dismantled your Hacksaw like I did and don’t have the Crucible Rep. to purchase another one (like myself) then, ordering the SUROS PDX-45 from Banshee (the Gunsmith) is the next best thing.

The word is there are “god rolls” which is the perfect combination of perks on certain weapons. If you get all your favorite perks on one of your favorite weapons, it’s Heaven, basically. So, I’ve been looking for my perfect set of Nodes, which is tough to get. I have learned that once a weapon is available on Armsday, you DON’T have to select one if it doesn’t have the “roll” you like.

Meaning I kept my Tuonela SR4 in hybernation by not picking one of the three choices from Banshee. Yes, it annoyingly took up a weapon spot in the Menu for another week, but I wanted more than 13 rounds in a Magazine. Certain Nodes increase the Mag, so this week, when the Nodes changed, now I see some Nodes that increase the Mag. Finally.

Keep in mind, I am still rocking the PS3, so I’m seriously considering getting a Hung Jury for all three of my Classes before moving onward to PS4 because I hear it’s not in the game anymore. Let’s take a look at the weapons and the Nodes available…

Three Node-Set Choices:
W1. High Caliber Rounds | W2. Perfect Balance | W3. High Caliber Rounds
W1. Appended Magazine | W2. Oiled Frame | W3. Casket Mag

W1. Full Auto | W2. Spray and Play | W3. Secret Round

W1. Snapshot | W2. Speed Reload | W3. Lightweight
W1. Hand-Laid Stock | W2. Rifled Barrel | W3. Hand-Laid Stock

I hope you guys can understand this. If I find a weapon that I want, I purchase it with each Class. So, my Titan, Hunter, and Warlock have a SUROS PDX-45 and Tuonela SR4. I may try a different Node set for each Class, if I want to see which Node Sets work better. However, this week, W2 is not really the combination I’m looking for. I did select W1 for my Warlock and W3 for my Titan. I’m curious to see if I like Full Auto, typically, I don’t because it’s less control.

W1. Life Support || W2. Icarus || W3. Replenish

W1. Single Point Sling || W2. Quickdraw || W3. Lightweight
W1. Casket Mag || W2. Feather Mag || W3. Casket Mag

W1. Firefly || W2. Firefly || W3. Firefly
W1. Danger Close || W2. Danger Close || W3. Underdog

I chose the W1 Node Set. My Warlock already has a solid Tuonela SR4 @ 311. This isn’t better.

My Titan has a Hung Jury SR4, which is slightly better than this week’s roll for Tuonela…

My Hunter has Last Extremity @ 308, but it has Icarus, which I never really use because I rarely shoot while mid-air. It also feels heavy to me, so does the Hung Jury. So, I want to get the lighter Tuonela SR4, but it may take a while to get a roll as good as what I already have with the Hung Jury on Titan.


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