GameStop “Destiny 2” Leak | by KackisHD

Since I’m not able to share my own videos with you at this time, I’d like to share Destiny News through other players. I can’t be too excited about Destiny 2 until I purchase a PS4. Much of my time has been spent doing Bounties and completing a few side Missions in the game. I don’t have time to find a team to complete Raids. I barely have time for difficult Strikes.

I am getting an idea of which weapons are useful. I want to take a closer look at Pulse Rifles, since it seems like Bungie gave them a little boost in performance. Both if you really think about it, if you have a magazine of 21 with 3 bullets per burst, that’s only seven shots, which is worst than most Hand Cannons. I don’t like how frequently I have to reload, especially when I’m used to Scout Rifles with at least 16 shots available. I recommend choosing Gaunlets with a Reload buff for Pulse Rifles.

As for Destiny 2, I’m simply hoping that they don’t change the look of the Gameplay. I love how the gameplay looks. I simply want them to expand the world and create a more cohesive story.

You can still check out my YouTube Channel for Exos of Destiny.


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