Icebreaker [Year One]

Icebreaker [Year One] | Sniper Rifle

It has been nearly two months since my last blog post, which I’m very disappointed about. I have been playing Destiny on PS3 pretty regularly during the past few months. Over the weekend, Xur was back. As always, I could only purchase a Legacy Exotic Engram. This time, he offered one for Special Weapons.

Mind you, I’ve been playing Destiny since…The Dark Below. So, it was a pleasant surprise when the Engram was decoded by Master Rahool giving me the Year One Icebreaker. Year One? Yes. PS3. Only the Year One version is available, which means I can infuse this weapon no higher than 170. 😦

Still, I took it out for a spin on a Mars Patrol with…my Hunter, I believe. Even at 160, this thing takes out most of the standard Cabal roaming around. Now, I wouldn’t recommend equipping this for a Level 40, Level 41 Boss Fight. However, it’s still great for most situations that you’d use a Sniper Rifle for. Including Patrol Missions.

I like the look of this weapon, which is unlike any Legendary I’ve come across. Pretty stable under fire, (a common problem with Sniper Rifles) though I’d like to test it out more. Of course, the best part is it doesn’t pick up ammo. It’s so odd. I walk across ammo and nothing happens. 🙂

Run out of bullets? Just wait. The ammo regenerates on its own. This is so awesome. I’ve heard about it, yes, but to see it actually happen one bullet at a time… Glorious.

Point being, if you still haven’t discovered the Icebreaker for Year One (and still have use for it) don’t give up. Perseverence (or an addiction to the game) will pay off. 🙂

Later, Guardians.


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