Sleeper Simulant | Persistence or Stubbornness

Sleeper Simulant | Image by
Sleeper Simulant | Image by

You may have begun the countdown to this Fall when Destiny 2 is expected to be released. I have not given up playing Destiny: The Taken King on PS3 in my spare time. I’ve been getting bored with Solo Quest missions, so I decided to go outside my comfort zone. I have to tackle the more hardcore missions in order to make any real progress at this point. I’d like to have some of those fancy weapons I see highly-skilled players run around with.

My skill level isn’t there, yet. My play style is Solo Sniper. A stable, high-impact, Scout Rifle still suits me the best. However, I stumbled upon this item from Banshee-44 (Gunsmith) and I wanted to figure out the steps I needed to take to complete the Quest. I found a two-part video on YouTube…

Okay, I finally found out how to enter the Codes. The tough part about this section is actually waiting for the Warsat Public Events to trigger on Mars and the Cosmodrome. I had been stuck on this for several days. Then, the idea came to me: when I first began to play Destiny, Warsat Public Events triggered all the time. As Expansions came out, these old Events triggered less.

Meaning, I went to the Cosmodrome through a low-Level Story Mission. I believe it was Level 4… one of the first story missions in the original game. Instead of completing the mission, I ran out the area this Event usually triggers simply killing stuff at random. Nothing happened. Then, I remember the game had a tendency to trigger an Event just before I entered a different area of the map.

Yep. That did it. Just before going back towards the Cosmodrome spawn area, the Warsat Event triggered. Finally. My last stop was on Mars. Pick a Story Mission just after the Exclusion Zone. The Warsat Event triggered, there were a few other players in the area. Simple. I took my item back to Banshee-44 and got some sleep.

The next day, I focused on Part 2 of the video:

I waited until I had some time to kill before beginning this 280-Light Strike Mission. I knew I didn’t have the type of weapons the guy has in the video, which would make it tougher for me to kill the SABER. I knew I would probably get matched with teammates who may or may not know how to play through the Strike well (if teammates showed up at all). The game is winding down, so I wondered if anyone would still need to complete this specific Mission.

Game plan. It shifted as I went, but I stayed with the original plan for the most part. Titan (Defender). Helm of Saint-14.

Destiny™ TITAN | GEAR EXOTIC - Helm of Saint-14

If you are a Defender, you need to put this on. The Ward of Dawn isn’t that great when enemies just walk into the Shield and pummel you. This helmet’s perk causes enemies to lose their sight when they enter your Shield Barrier. They stop swinging at you and blindly try to find their way out of the Shield. Anyway, I knew the enemies could practically one-shot me, so this could buy me some time to recover.

Well, my first go-round, there were two of us. Then, the player left. You have to defend the Warsat for 3:30 minutes and we weren’t getting very far. I was on the verge of throwing in the towel after his replacement showed because it took a long time to finally get a third guy.

Three Titans. We had no way to communicate with each other on the fly (PS3). We were stuck for a long time trying to defend the Warsat. The enemies were shielded, aggressive, and there were lots of them. Plus, we had no coordinated attacks. For example, I was low on health, so I triggered my Ward of Dawn. Better, right? No… one of my teammates came into my Ward of Dawn and triggered his Ward of Dawn AND his Helm of Saint-14 wasn’t equipped (if he owned one), so the enemies just came in swinging.

I thought aloud: What are you doing? First, don’t trigger your Ward of Dawn five second after I do AND in practically the same spot. It’s a waste. Plus, if you’re going be a Defender, put on the Helm of Saint-14. It’s a great perk for the Ward.

Anyway, we all died, again. That’s the last I saw of a Defender Titan, besides myself. I began to notice one teammate was a Titan Sunbreaker and the other was a Titan Striker, but we all had trouble finding cover, so for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t follow my lead. Often times, I was the last one alive, but when my Ward of Dawn collapsed, we’d wipe.

Dreadfang | Image by
Dreadfang | Image by

Ultimately, I went on the offensive by using the Sword, Dreadfang, until I ran out of “ammo”. I stayed alive long enough to trigger the end of that step before I died and we wiped again. At least we resurrected on the next stage, which I knew would be challenging on it’s own.

I stayed in the Corridor just inside the entrance knowing the entrance doors would close automatically if I needed to back away and regain my health. That strategy worked. Next area. I cringed at the thought of someone carrying that Orb down a narrow walkway to insert in device at the other end while bolts of electricity were moving by and enemies were trying to blow you up.

I rarely tried to grab this Orb and make this slow walk on a less difficult setting because I usually die. My teammates seemed to wait for me to do something, however, so I wanted to hurry and see how far I could make it before more enemies showed up. Well, I almost died from the beams of electricity, but there was a lull before the next wave of enemies showed up. Caught a break there. If we would have wiped, we would have started back at the Entrance checkpoint.

Um…it was okay after that until we actually had to kill the SABER. Oh my goodness… After dying for about the 20th time, I started to get a hang of the room, but my teammates were not Defenders and my Ward of Dawn couldn’t last forever. After a while, my Solo mentality came back. When they died, I stuck to my own plan instead of running out into the open area to resurrect them while getting bombarded with attacks.

I found a sweet spot for a while and a good set of Weapons: Primary > MIDA Multi-Tool. Secondary > Thesan FR4. Heavy > Ruin Wake. You can’t run up to these types of enemies with a Sword.

Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Ruin Wake

The Ruin Wake saved the day last night. We had gotten close to killing the SABER a couple of times, but never finished him. Close to death, it summons sniper shanks. Deadly. On-target. All sides of the room at two levels. MIDA wasn’t quick enough to tag ’em all in less than five seconds. I used up the rest of my Ruin Wake ammo to take ’em out.

SABER was almost dead, but this is when my Ward of Dawn became a bit of a liability. We needed to kill the darn thing before it summoned another wave a sniper shanks. Enter the Titan Striker. I recognize the Fist of Havoc when I see it. SABER was rattled. Enter Titan Sunbreaker with the Hammer of Sol. But I knew the nerf on the Sunbreaker hurt us, then. SABER was barely holding on and head towards me. I had some ammo left in my Thesan FR4…

Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Omolon Thesan FR4

That got ’em. The SABER was dead. I allowed my Titan to sit down before getting up to dance. The screen faded after we picked up our Loot including the Sleeper Stimulant frame. The Stats began to roll. How long were we in there? 1 hour, 52 minutes, ?? seconds. Just to get one gun. Now, I understand why hardcore players prefer creating their own team instead of using the Matchmaking system. Lord, have mercy…

I was happy to discover the Sleeper Simulant unlocked in the Exotic Weapons Menu, so my Hunter and Warlock can just buy it for 2,500 Glimmer and an Exotic Shard a piece. Relief.

Sleeper Simulant | Image by
Sleeper Simulant | Image by

But how good is it in the field? My Titan earned it, so he got first crack at it. Pretty easy to fully upgrade quickly by Dismantling Motes of Light. Initial reaction, it’s a hybrid. It’s in the Heavy Weapon slot with your Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers, but the Sleeper Simulant is a Fusion Rifle. It’s lightweight for a weapon of this size. The Charge Rate is SLOW. I had to get used to waiting a few extra beats before it actually fires.

When it does fire, it FIRES. Frying whatever minion is in your way. Shielded Cabal (yellow meter) on the Dreadnaught? Not a problem. One shot. Dead. Done. The problem I did have was with it’s Stability. It’s terrible. Pretty bad. You have to be really deliberate about how you aim this thing or you can miss an enemy completely if you’re not careful.

Um. Three shots per clip. My Titan’s Gear has enough perks to have 9 shots in reserve. Maybe combine that with Ruin Wings to get more Heavy Ammo drops (when that perk wants to work correctly) and that could really be fun. Btw, the Ricochet doesn’t do anything. The lasers fire so fast the enemy is dead long before it hits the ground and the ricochet effect is over before that. 🙂 That effect isn’t great with Hard Light, but at least you can see what’s going on with that Exotic.

I’m going to test out how effective it’s Range is. Tough to tell. The shot is so fast, it’s difficult to see where the laser beams go. Since I have three characters, they take turns. Last night’s spare time went to Titan. Tonight, it will be Warlock’s turn.

I read that people are saying this Quest was easy. Oh my gosh. If that’s the case, I’m glad it was. Almost two hours of grinding for one weapon, but it’s mine now. 🙂 I suppose that’s why people go through this mess… By all accounts, it’s probably the best in the game in terms of dealing the most damage. My goodness.

See ya ’round, Guardians


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