SUROS ARI-41 | Replacing an Exotic Primary

I am looking for a few more Legendary Weapons to replace the Primary Exotic weapons I normally use. Often times, the Legendary Weapons do not have to same punch I’m looking for. However, I do want to change up my gameplay experience by using other Exotic Weapons more. I rarely use the Thunderlord anymore and I never use Exotic Special weapons.

Recently, I used the SUROS ARI-41. I was surprised by it’s Stability and it seemed to pack more of a punch compared to:

Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: An Answering Chord

Of course, the same weapon can have different Stats and Buffs. Perhaps, it’s simply the weapons I have. An Answering Chord is the same model (SUROS), but the Rate of Fire is definitely slower.

I do not use Hand Cannons. 🙂 What would you suggest as solid replacements for Exotic Primaries on PS3?



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