A New Favorite Scout Rifle: Hung Jury SR4

During my first go-around with Destiny, I did not join any of the Factions. I was Vanguard only for life. Well, until I had to re-create the same characters from scratch.

This time, I made sure each Guardian joined a Faction on Day One. Titan gave his allegiance to Dead Orbit, simply because I saw no real perks for him to join the other two factions. Warlock joined Future War Cult because I wanted a solid-styled Legendary helmet to replace Obsidian Mind whenever I needed to wear a different Exotic piece of Gear. FWC has a nice one. Hunter joined New Monarchy because I like the style of their Cloak.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the Weapons each Faction has available. So far, I really haven’t been with any of them, except for…

Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Hung Jury SR4

I love Omolon Scout Rifles. The TLALOC is exclusive to Warlocks, which leaves me to find suitable Scout Rifles for Titan and Hunter. I stumbled upon a nice Scout Rifle from Dead Orbit. Usually, you have to upgrade Legendary weapons before you get can tell if it’s something you want to keep.

Right out of the box, the Hung Jury SR4 comes across like a nearly finished product. I was happily surprised at how stable it is, more so than my fully upgraded TLALOC. The design reminds me of another Omolon Scout Rifle…

Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Last Extremity

I didn’t name these weapons. 🙂 Anyway, the problem with this weapon is the magazine size. Twelve shots are not enough; it will break your rhythm because of how often you have to reload your weapon. This belongs to my Hunter; he does have a buff with his Gunslinger Sub-Class, which speeds up the Reload time with precision kills. It helps, but I have my eyes open for a better option.

And no, my three Guardians do not share Faction-specific weapons. They only use these weapons if it’s from the Faction they have allegiance with. Otherwise… that would be awkward. 🙂

Since I do not play Crucible, I do not have many Crucible weapons or gear. The Cryptarch has rewarded me with a few of them, but I rarely use them. Frankly, I don’t understand the fascination with the Crucible. There’s no story to tell outside of running around killing each other. Bragging rights? (“I’ll killed you”). Doesn’t interest me… 😦 But I hear that there are some good drops for weapons and gear in the Crucible and you can level-up your Sub-Classes at a good pace.

Great… Maybe I’ll give it a whirl, just to switch things up. Btw, I am still on the PS3, so I have not had a chance to play “Rise of Iron.” In the meantime, I’m getting my characters back to where they were. Slowly, but surely.

Take care, Guardians.


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