Destiny: Rise of Iron | The End of PlayStation 3.

Hello Guardians,
It has been several weeks since I last spoke with you all. Rest assured, I have been playing Destiny during this time. I always find a way, don’t I? So much so, I have Leveled Up my three Characters under the “ReticentExo” Codename to 40. As well, I have resurrected my “JCEvidence” Codename and have three characters at Level 22, at the moment.

The reason why I returned to “JCEvidence” is because, although the previous Characters were deleted, all of the Exotic Gear pieces and Weapons are still Unlocked under the original account. My Grimoire Score, all important, is still intact. However, since I am on the PS3 system, I can no longer share Screenshots and Video Clips on Social Media.

Destiny™ Legendary Edition
I realize many of you purchased the Series for much more than the $20 (plus tax) that I paid for it. If it makes you feel any better, (“Yes JCE, it does”) since the release of “Rise of Iron,” the PS3 Edition has quite a few limitations on it.

For instance, when Xur shows up on Fridays, the only thing available to me for purchase is a Legendary Exotic Engram. Of course, the other options are beneath it, but I cannot buy Exotic Engrams from him any longer. Also, on, I cannot retrieve any information on my characters in terms of accessing The Vault, looking at their Kill/Death Ratios, etc.  It does not exist for PS3 Guardians. Anything new that was introduced in terms of aesthetics in “Rise of Iron” is not available on PS3.

In short, we’ve been left behind. Well, some of us. What does this mean? Naturally, PS3 Guardians have to upgrade, not only to get back the Features we’ve lost, but to access the new stuff in the game. Does it hurt? Of course. Is upgrading a console going to be expensive. Yeah. However, in the long run, it will be worth it. I’m only bothered that we’re being forced to upgrade consoles. It’s not like long-time PS3 Guardians are going to get a discount to upgrade to PS4.

Speaking of which, as many of you know, a new PS4 is going to be released about a month from now. A rep at GameStop tells me it will be $400 and plays video games at 4K Resolution. Yes, the same 4K Resolution that you get when you visit the movie theaters. It makes me wonder: No one’s TV is the size of a theater screen. Why do we need 4K Resolution? The Xbox One S has done it. America loves it. And it’s worked pretty well so far. Why not.

This means, Guardians, that the current PS4 continues to drop in price. Out with the old…as it were. Just the other day, I spotted the PS4 UnCharted 4 Bundle for $279. Here’s the problem: If I buy what will be the old version of PS4, my brain will constantly be thinking: I WANT THE NEW 4K PS4. Right? It’s only $120 more; I’m not driving.

On top of that, I will have to buy the PS4 Destiny Pack along with the new console, so I can have “Rise of Iron” combined with the Legendary Edition I own on PS3. How much is it…$60? (sigh) In other words, I need $500 to spare in order to sit with all the cool kids. Possible? For Christmas? One can hope. Or as Yoda would say, “Buy. Or buy not. There is no try.” 🙂

Farewell, Guardians


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