Reticent Exo : Level 23

ReticentExo : Level 23 : Exos of Destiny
It had to happen eventually. Another Titan. Another fight. All over again. I purchased the original “Destiny” game over the weekend and spent a good chunk of Saturday beating the initial storyline with my Titan.

The Titan Class begins with more Armor. They can take a beating with the best of them compared the the other entry level Classes. You start as a Striker (Arc). Once you reach Level 15, you can switch your Sub-Class to Defender (Void). Finally, you can become a Sunbreaker (Solar) at Level 25. Sunbreakers are the most fun to play as because of the Hammer of Sol Special Ability (Super). Flaming Hammers galore throw here and there.

Extremely basic information, but if you’re new to the game (as my nephew is) it’s good to know. I visited my family this weekend, so I was able to play on PS3. I even did a few missions on a duo Fireteam with my nephew since there are two PS3s in the house. Yes, same house, separate rooms, no headsets (yet). It was funny trying to communicate with someone you can’t talk to in the same house. Point & Wave. I will get a chance to play again this weekend.

The plan was to get to Level 20, then, create a Hunter and Warlock. When I got to 20, I decided to finish a few Strike Missions before creating my Warlock:
ReticentExo Warlock : Level 3 : Exos of Destiny
Warlocks begin with more Recovery. The initial Sub-Class is a Voidwalker (Void). At Level 15, you can switch Sub-Classes to Sunsinger (Solar). At Level 25, you can switch to Stormcaller (Arc). And that’s when the extra fun begins. Like the Titan Sunbreakers, Warlock Stormcallers are really cool.

When you begin the game with a Warlock, their Armor is very low. If you start the game with a Titan, then restart it with a Warlock, you’ll notice the difference right away. Warlocks are faster than Titans, but they take a serious beating in a bad way. Their shield recovers faster than a Titan. Still, often times, enemies don’t give you enough time to Recover. You die quickly, anyway.

At first, I was frustrated with my Warlock when I played the game with my initial codename: JCEvidence. Very slow to get gear and Level Up. However, when you do Level Up to 20+, it’s over. Enemies beware. His Special Abilities are so much fun to use and a lot of bad guys are vanquished with one shot of the Nova Bomb. Maybe even cooler than that, is the Ability to Resurrect yourself as a Sunsinger.

I have not created a Hunter, yet. I have a long way to go with all of my characters. Now, you have to get to Level 40 to unlock Legendary Gear from your Class Mentors. It’s not bad; it’s simply time-consuming. I haven’t even begun to unlock the Nodes for my Titan’s Defender Sub-Class. Unlock all of the abilities for three characters with three Sub-Classes each. I can’t believe I did this before.

What are Nodes?
Voidwalker Sub-Class Nodes : Exos of Destiny
These dots. Circles? Spheres? Nodes. This is your beginning as a Warlock Voidwalker. At Level 3, I have only filled in a couple of Nodes, as you can see. Notice the green line coming in on the third Node? As you gain XP, it will will begin the make a circle. When the circle is complete, you can fill in the Node and activate that ability. Pretty standard, really.

Problem is, you have to do this three times for Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. Nine times in all. Earn enough XP that all the Nodes are available for use and that Sub-Class’s full potential will be unleashed.

Here’s a reminder of where I was:
I got pretty close to having each character at Light Level 300. Yesterday, I finally put them to rest. I do have quite a few Exotic Weapons left in The Vault along with 98 Strange Coins, Legendary Armor, etc. My Grimoire Score is pretty good for “JCEvidence.” But the characters are gone. I thought about starting over under JCEvidence, so I can use the weapons, etc. in The Vault. But with my “ReticentExo” Titan at Level 23, now, I decided to let the past go. Bury it. Drop the roses on the grave and walk off into the sunset (aka switch accounts for good).

I do take away the knowledge I gained from playing all the way through The Taken King Expansion. Yes, I know. I need to buy my own console. But there are so many other necessities that I need, a PS4 goes on the back-burner.

Great news, however, I did purchase a WordPress domain for my crew: It’s Official. 🙂 You can also visit Exos on various social media outlets. I’m putting it all together, slowly, but surely.

The only issue is, ReticentExo needs a voice. It’s been difficult to write a storyline for the new codename. I have to find a groove. That’s all for today.

Take care, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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