Reticent Exo: A New Beginning

I wanted to introduce my youngest nephew to Destiny. So, I finally got the Trial Demo downloaded to his PS3 a few weeks ago. We didn’t play it until over the weekend. Today is his 18th Birthday & Friday was my 38th Birthday. I felt like it was a gift.

The Demo only allows Guardians to reach Level 7 and you can only play missions on the Cosmodrome. Still, it was a good feeling to get back into the swing of things. I only created my Titan with a brand new Identity. No longer “JCEvidence,” I am “ReticentExo.” I was going for SilentAssassin, but it was taken along with a slew of variations.
ReticentExo Banner

Overall, I think he likes the gameplay saying it reminds him of CALL OF DUTY. Yet, the Level 7 Maximum hinders your progress, even on the Cosmodrome. Needless to say, I am scouring the Internet for the least expensive copy of Destiny I could possibly buy to send to him.

I’m surprised to see the Collector’s Edition is already down to $35-$40 in some places. One private owner was selling it for $15 since her son no longer plays it.

Part of me is happy to have this new beginning, new character name, new identity. Part of me is cringing because I know how many hours it took me to get to where I was (on three characters). Now, I have to do it all over again, which is pretty impossible at this point. Especially before the game is relaunched into Destiny 2. Bummed.

At least it didn’t take long for me to recover my Sniper Mentality ’cause my nephew simply blurted, “You’re deadly!” Well, I’m terrible at CALL OF DUTY, but in Destiny: Hmm. I’d say give me a full magazine, clear line-of-sight, with the Mida-Multi Tool… Pack your bags, fellas. War’s over. 🙂

Take care, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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