Destiny Remains

Destiny Remains

My gameplay in Destiny began on a friend’s PS3 and progressed to a PS4. We are no longer in the same state, so I had to say good-bye to my characters. I can still bring up my Bungie account. I forgot to put all of my weapons and gear in The Vault. I lost quite a bit, although, all of it will be lost when the sequel to Destiny releases later this year.

I miss my characters. The image above is all that remains. Apparently, a female Titan was made for me, Light Level 5. It’s kind of depressing, considering my Titan was around Light Level 297. All the Nodes for each Sub-Class were full. I had the Exclusive Weapons, Legendary and Exotic. Also lost is my 296 Ghost; I miss it already.

Next move? Save up for a PS4 Destiny Bundle. Yep, the all-white console. I’m not sure how long it will take, though. And I need a new identity as JCEvidence will be put to rest. Three new Exos. And a lot of time. Time. My Lifetime Stats for each character are gone. Well, serves me right for not having my own console.

Here’s a final farewell to my Exos. Next time, they’ll be better than ever.


I’ll avenge you.


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