Welcome Updated

Hi all,
I updated the graphic to better reflect the current look of my Guardians. A little explanation is in order. Normally, I choose the Vanguard Gear for all of my Guardians. However, the style of the Vanguard Gear in “The Taken King” is not that great to me. Only Titan is decked out in all Vanguard Gear. Warlock and Hunter have alternate Gear.

Hunter is in the complete set of Exclusive Gear for the PS4. Spiffy…spiffy.

Warlock is a bit tricky. His Chest Armor (long robe) is Exclusive Gear. However, the Exclusive Helmet looks awful, so he’s wearing my favorite Exotic Helmet for him, the Obsidian Mind. I have not been able to get the Exclusive Leg Armor for him, so he has Crucible Leg Armor. His Gauntlets are of the Exclusive Set. I know. Not organized, but he still looks good.

Shaders are important. Titan looks fine without a Shader on his Vanguard Armor. Warlock can ‘pass’ without a Shader, no big deal. Hunter, on the other hand, looks awful in the Exclusive Set without a Shader.

In the graphic above, they all have a Shader equipped. I used to make sure they matched, wearing the same Shader. But I decided to let them be individuals and stick with what looks best on them. Verdict? Titan is wearing Feud Unfading; Warlock is wearing Feud Unfading; Hunter is wearing Autumn Splendor.

Side Note: The PS3 is so slow. Almost painfully slow. Loading each screen. If you’re in the middle of a battle, don’t bother trying to change weapons because the screen takes forever to load (if it loads at all). It’s just…slow. I was invited on a Raid and the PS3 couldn’t handle the all the elements going on. My gameplay froze over & again. I was kicked out of the group because of it. Sad day.

Ultimately, I have to buy a PS4. I want to go all-out. Destiny bundle w/ the white console..possibly the Collector’s Edition. For one game. I am allowed to go crazy once.

Later, Guardians.


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