Xur 2.5.2016

Destiny™ TITAN | EXOTIC GEAR: Immolation Fists
Immolation Fists | Titan Class [Sunbreaker] – 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Grants Explosive Pyre.
Pyre: Enemies brought down by your hammer explode, chaining fiery Solar damage to other enemies.

Destiny™ HUNTER | EXOTIC GEAR: Radiant Dance Machines
Radiant Dance Machines | Hunter Class – 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: You move more quickly while aiming your weapon.

Destiny™ WARLOCK | GEAR EXOTIC: The Stag
The Stag | Warlock Class – 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Once per life, fast Super charge when all teammates die. Chance to spawn with Overshield.

Destiny™ WEAPONS | EXOTIC: Suros Regime
Suros Regime | Exotic Weapon – 23 Strange Coins
Main Perk: The bottom half of each magazine deals bonus damage and has chance to return health on kill.

Secondary Option: When zoomed, this weapon fires slower, but causes additional damage.

Legacy Engram | Special Weapon – 31 Strange Coins

It is almost 2am here on the West Coast USA. I am finally posting Xur info at a decent time. He’s only been around for about 45 minutes. Do I need anything from him? No. Everything he’s offering, I have. And I haven’t been playing Destiny much lately.

Well, my Strange Coins have been stacking up a bit. These days, I don’t play to progress in the game. I simply play because the gameplay is still enjoyable. But it’s not really focused on accomplishing anything.

Take care, Guardians.


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