Xur 1.8.2016

Destiny™ TITAN | GEAR EXOTIC: No Backup Plans
No Backup Plans | Titan Class [Defender] – 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Shotgun kills trigger Force Barrier and Force Barrier’s duration is increased.

Note: No Backup Plans has been sold quite a few times since the release of The Taken King. I have tried them out myself in PvE. It’s okay, maybe for PvP to have an extra shield. Yet, Titans are known for heavy armor as it is. They can take a beating more than Warlocks for sure. Adding another shield on top of this isn’t really necessary for me.

Destiny™ HUNTER | GEAR EXOTIC: Knucklehead Radar
Knucklehead Radar | Hunter Class – 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Radar remains visible while aiming Primary Weapons.

Note: I feel the Knucklehead Radar is only useful if it is the highest level helmet you have. Otherwise, players have to get used to not having Radar access while aiming a weapon. I think quite a few players don’t even realize the Radar is down while aiming because of their pace of play. Overall, there are more useful Exotic Gear options for the Hunter Class.

Destiny™ WARLOCK | EXOTIC GEAR: Apotheosis Veil
Apotheosis Veil | Warlock Class – 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Immediate health, melee, and grenade regeneration on activating your Super.

Note: The Main Perk is a little redundant to me. The point of activating your Super is to stay alive, the Super is your shield, buying time for your health and other abilities to regenerate. However, I will say I’ve been killed several times shortly after activating my Super because your Special Ability doesn’t make you invincible.

Destiny™ EXOTIC WEAPON: Dragon's Breath
Dragon’s Breath | Exotic Heavy Weapon – 23 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Expect to find more ammo for this weapon.
Secondary Perk: Release trigger after weapon fire to drop a Solar Damage napalm canister.

Note: All of the items available this weekend from Xur were brought over from Year One, including Dragon’s Breath. Seems as if the Secondary Perk has been altered from a grenade Solar bomb to a napalm canister. I haven’t used Dragon’s Breath, yet, and did not use it much in Year One. As Launchers go, the Secondary Perk raises its status.

Legacy Engram: Heavy Weapon | 31 Strange Coins

A few hours left until Xur disappears for another week.

Until 2am (PST) next Friday… Hopefully, we’ll get some new additions to the game.


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