Xur 1.1.2016

Xur Location: Tower | Hall of Guardians
Destiny™ TITAN | EXOTIC GEAR: Empyrean Bellicose
Empyrean Bellicose | Titan Class: 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Aiming weapons while airborne holds you in place. With full Super, Orbs recharge melee.

Destiny™ HUNTER | GEAR EXOTIC: Sealed Ahamkara Grasps
Sealed Ahamkara Grasps | Hunter Class: 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Gain additional melee charge, and melee damage may reload Primary Weapon.

Destiny™ WARLOCK | GEAR EXOTIC: Starfire Protocol
Starfire Protocol | Warlock Class [Sunsinger]: 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Gain an additional Fusion Grenade charge

Destiny™ EXOTIC WEAPON: Invective
Invective | Exotic Shotgun: 23 Strange Coins
Main Perk: This weapon regenerates ammo over time
Secondary Perk: The last round in a magazine deals bonus damage

Legacy Exotic Helmet Engram | 31 Strange Coins

Happy 2016, Guardians.

I am definitely going to get the Invective…if I can find Xur. I ran around this afternoon and didn’t see him. I did not have the Invective in Year One, but I heard it was a much sought after weapon. I didn’t know why until now. It regenerates its own ammo…like the Icebreaker (Year One Sniper Rifle).

Does this mean the Icebreaker will make a Year Two appearance? Not sure. I hope. And if it does, I hope I can nab it.

Take care.


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