Destiny™ | Why Does my Weapon Max at 160?

Hi Guardians.

Recently, someone came across “Exos” while searching for why your Exotic weapon (the Hard Light) maxes at 160 Attack damage. Short answer is, you have a Year One weapon. Perfect example, the Year One version of the Hawkmoon at 160…

Destiny™ WEAPONS | EXOTIC: Hawkmoon

All of the Year One weapons, including Exotics, are no higher than 170 Attack damage. Furthermore, they cannot be Infused to reach a higher Attack Rating. These weapons were introduced to the game before The Taken King Expansion.

The Taken King marks the beginning of Year Two. As you know, these weapons have a higher Attack Rating and can be Infused. Some of the weapons introduced in Year One have been brought into Year Two, including the Hawkmoon.

Destiny™ WEAPONS | EXOTIC: Hawkmoon

The Hard Light has recently been added as a Year Two weapon as well…

Destiny™ EXOTIC WEAPON: Hard Light

Here’s the tricky part. There are two ways to get an available Year Two version of a Year One weapon.

If you did not get the Hard Light in Year One, the Year Two version you need right now will not be available to you until you get the Year One version. This is why Xur has Legacy Exotic Engrams available for 31 Strange Coins. You’re hoping to get the Year One weapon you need to unlock the Year Two version, but…the Cryptarch won’t always decode the Engram into what you want. No surprise there.

If you do land the Year One version you want, you still need to buy the Year Two version for an Exotic Shard and 2,500 Glimmer I believe. After that, if you want more than one Year Two Exotic Weapon, you can buy it as many times as you need for 150 Legendary marks.

SECOND (and easier…)
The other way to get a Year Two version is to simply purchase it when Xur has Year Two weapons for sale. Coincidentally, Xur is selling the Year Two Hard Light this weekend for 13 Strange Coins.

This option is cheaper and there’s no guesswork involved. You know what you’re getting. Problem is, you have to wait until he’s actually selling it and patience isn’t always one of our stronger virtues.

Hope this helps.


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