Destiny™ | Daily Heroic Gameplay “Outbound Signal”

Featured Weapons: An Answering Chord | 1000-Yard Stare | Thunderlord

Happy Friday, Guardians!

I haven’t had the opportunity to play on a PS4 in a while, so now…I’m not used to the controls, yet. I feel out of rhythm. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share a bit of gameplay from this week.

Normally, I use an Exotic as my Primary Weapon. For this specific mission, that doesn’t work as great. I need the Thunderlord to kill this boss, otherwise, I die…quite often.

That’s why I call it the ULTRA LORD because even a rusty PS4 player can be great with this baby.

My next goal is to play “Regicide” on Hard Mode to see if I get the Fatal Vision ship so many have been after. My hunch is…you have to survive the final battle in the storyline with Oryx on Hard Mode to get this ship, but I haven’t found concrete evidence on this.

Destiny™ SHIP | Fatal Vision

In-game, the only description is we have is to complete The Taken King Quest, which I assume is the storyline for The Taken King. Many have completed the storyline…many did not receive the spiffy boat…ship.

And…since spiffy boats are usually earned on Hard Mode, I’ll go with my gut on this one. I can save the recording of my gameplay if it does drop for me to share with everyone else. Though, if I die at all…or more than once…it probably kills my chances. The Kill/Death Ratio needs to be perfect or in the range of 100 kills to 1 death.

I’ll see what happens, Guardians.


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