Destiny | Sparrow Racing League Gameplay

Fellow Guardians,

It’s been too long since my last video update. The YouTube Channel for Exos has now reached the 100 mark. Think of it as a Time Capsule for future Guardians generations down the line. Or…those who begin playing next month. 🙂

Today, I want to share with you some gameplay from last night. My Warlock has taken a liking to Sparrow Racing. At first, I was terrible. However, as you continue to get more racing gear and the right Sparrow model, you should be able to be more competitive.

The trick is really getting the timing right, finding a good rhythm, memorizing the course. This will prevent you from running into the same handful of walls over and again. Since GranTurismo 5 is one of my favorite games to play, I’m used to racing, in general, while understanding the nuances of different vehicles.

Since I had access to a PS4 yesterday, I decided to catch up on capturing more videos to share. Some good ones uploaded with the limited time I had.

I hope you enjoy them all.


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