Xur 12.11.15

Monte Carlo | Exotic Auto Rifle: 23 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Dealing damage with this weapon reduces your melee cooldown and grants a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill.

Map Location: Tower | Hall of Guardians
Destiny™ TITAN | GEAR EXOTIC - Helm of Inmost Light
Helm of Inmost Light | Titan Class: 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Gain Death from Above and Headstrong.

Destiny™ HUNTER | GEAR EXOTIC: Radiant Dance Machines
Radiant Dance Machines [Year Two: 280 Defense] | Hunter Class: 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: You move more quickly while aiming your weapon.

Destiny™ WARLOCK | GEAR EXOTIC: Nothing Manacles
Nothing Manacles [Year Two: 280 Defense] | Warlock Class: 13 Strange Coins
Main Perk: Enables Scatter Grenade tracking. Gain an additional Scatter Grenade charge.

Legacy Primary Weapon Engram | 31 Strange Coins

While I do not plan to use any of these items, I do plan to own them all simply to help complete my collection. I need to round up nine more Strange Coins to purchase one more piece. Needless to say, there’s nothing new here and I did not use the Year One versions of any of these items.

In order to have a decent amount of Strange Coins ready for Xur’s arrival each weekend, I simply play a little of the game throughout the week. When I’m not really trying to get Strange Coins, I get them. However, if you’re trying to get 20+ Coins on Friday and Saturday to purchase items before Xur leaves on Sunday morning PST, the game has a tendency to not reward you after a while. Diminished returns…less Strange Coin drops. It’s happened to me before.

Since I have to most time to play video games on Friday and Saturday, the Coins collected go towards the following week. Then, whatever I gather while playing a couple hours or so Monday-Thursday just adds to what I already have. Then, on Friday, like this week, I’m only a few Coins short from purchases all the items I want.

I can’t always fit game time into my schedule during the weekdays, but it helps.

Take care, Guardians.


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