The GunSmith November 18, 2015


As you know, each Wednesday, the GunSmith offers a new set of weapons to order, which arrive on Wednesday of the following week.

The tricky part is, there are no previews for these weapons. You simply know the name and weapon type (i.e. Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, etc.). Now, if you’ve been at this a while, you have a good idea what the weapons will be like. However, if you’re a new, you may not. So, how can you choose wisely?

I want to show you a Preview of the weapons I have out of what he’s offering this week. I’m only missing the Hand Cannon.

Hakke Zarinaea-D
I’ve already begun leveling up this weapon. Pretty standard Hakke Auto Rifle; they all seem to have the same feel to them. My only gripe is the low Impact Rating. Very stable, not a lot of flash to it. You never know how good a weapon can be until it’s upgraded completely.

I like the dragon on the side…that’s all I have. I don’t use Rocket Launchers. Limited Ammo. No Tracking on most. And not as fun as a hefty Machine Gun to me. But, it looks cool.

Wow. This is practically the same Rocket Launcher, but without the dragon. I’m sure the buffs are different, but still. I have noticed that, generally, the SUROS weapons without the dragon feel heavier, slower Rate of Fire, compared to their twins with the dragom emblem.

Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Strongbow-D
Hakke Strongbow-D
I rarely use Shotguns, though I keep them just in case a powerful Pulse Rifle doesn’t cut it in a given situation. Of course, the problem with Shotguns is the Range. You have to be in close proximity to your target to inflict significant damage. With my playing style, this doesn’t suit me.

Omolon Kumakatok HC4
Although I don’t have this specific weapon, I have a Preview of an Omolon Hand Cannon that’s probably similar in style.
Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Omolon Test HC1

The GunSmith offered the HC1 as a Test Weapon some time ago. It periodically comes back around if you miss it. Overall, not bad, but not great, either. Close proximity to targets with the lack of Range, not very stable, and the Reload Time is golly-awful. With only 8 rounds per mag, you have to go through the slow reload process a lot while you’re standing in the face of your targets because you have to be that close to do any real damage.

Ugh. Hand Cannons.

Anyway, if nothing else, you see what these weapons look like. As far as manufacturers, Omolon makes really good Scout Rifles and Pulse Rifles. Crispy. I can only tolerate Omolon Hand Cannons. I think Hakke is better with Auto Rifles…I’m on the fence about Sniper Rifles.

Do you guys have a favorite manufacturer? Omolon. Hakke. SUROS. By the way, Xur may have something good tomorrow. Grab some extra Strange Coins before bed. 🙂



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