Xur November 13, 2015

It is Friday the 13th, Guardians!

My day has been going quite normally to be honest. Uh, well. Most of you know by now what Xur has to offer this week. He is in the Tower Hangar the section in red on the map.

What can I do, Guardians? Two weeks in a row, as I predicted, Xur doesn’t have much to offer me. Actually, I don’t need a single item he’s offering this weekend.

However, it may be a different story for you. And I did see you fairly new players running around and dancing today. Keep pushing for Level 20; that’s when the good stuff really begins to fall. On to Xur…

Cost: 13 Strange Coins

The Crest of Alpha Lupi was introduced in Year One aka before the release of The Taken King. I bought it back then because it’s a cool-looking gear piece. And…that’s as far as I went. It collected dust for months. Today, the Year Two version is available. I bought it, again. I doubt I’ll use it; there will be occasions when I want to try something different. It’s not an attractive Exotic to use in the field for me.

That’s because it’s main perk benefits 3v3, 6v6, or Fire Team gameplay. You will be revived and can revive your teammates faster. I’m more of a solo player.

Although, I’ve been in plenty of Fire Teams and still use the Ruin Wings for my Titan. I simply love the fact that more heavy ammo drops with these Gaunlets, which translates into killing heavily-shielded enemies more easily. And that leads to your teammates dying less, so you don’t worry about how fast you can revive them as much. Next…

Destiny™ Hunter | Exotic Gear: Young Ahamkara's Spine

Cost: 13 Strange Coins
Main Buff: Increased Tripmine Grenade duration and gain an additional Tripmine Grenade charge.

To answer your question: I don’t know. I don’t understand why these Gauntlets, for the Hunter Class, were brought into Year Two. I didn’t care for the style, the skeleton bones, and the main buff on the Year One version.

Does anyone use Tripmine Grenades? 😦 So, how can you be excited to say: Oh, look! I have an extra one…of something I don’t use at all.

Unfortunately, no improvements were made on this Year Two version to make it more appealing to players like me. I don’t remember seeing other Guardians equipped with the Year One version because we quickly discovered there were way better options available to take up your sole Exotic Gear spot.

Yes, again, since you’re only allowed to have one Exotic Gear piece equipped at any given time, Guardians become very picky about what that piece will be. And if the buffs aren’t very good…or aweful…

I have it in the collection for the sole purpose of having a complete collection for my Hunter. On to the last item…

Destiny™ WARLOCK | GEAR EXOTIC: Obsidian Mind

Cost: 13 Strange Coins
Main Buff: Nova Bomb reduces cooldown of next Nova Bomb.

It’s back. First introduced in Year One, the Year Two version in The Taken King works just as well. This may be the second time Xur has sold this in Year Two, so if you missed it before, here ya go. Your Warlock [Voidwalker] will be happy because of the main buff.

The best of both worlds. Not only does it look good, it’s so useful on missions!

Finally, two Exotic Engrams.

Year Two Guantlets [Defense:290] | Cost: 19 Strange Coins
If you don’t have many Strange Coins, I would pass on this armor type, especially for Hunters and Warlocks. Their Exotic Gauntlets aren’t very useful in my opinion, no matter which one you get.

Titan has an exception of the Ruin Wings (which I wear all the time), but if you already have Ruin Wings, the other two Gauntlet options aren’t great. So, I’d save the Coins for a better day.

Caution: If you must buy this Engram for your Hunter, decode it BEFORE you purchase Young Ahamkara’s Spine from Xur. Because the Cryptarch may decode the Exotic Engram into the Gauntlets Xur already has on sale this weekend. It’s happened to me before…it’s annoying.

Year One Chest Armor [Defense: 170] Cost: 31 Strange Coins
I would also caution on purchasing this because, outside of Warlock, the Chest Armor pieces aren’t great. On top of that, not many are available in Year Two.

Titan has one available Chest piece, which Xur is selling this weekend. Hunter has two pieces, but I never use them. Warlock does have two or three pieces that are good, if not simply decent. So, if you must spend 31 Coins, roll the dice for the Warlock Class.

Overall, let’s say you only have 16 Strange Coins to spare this weekend and you don’t own any of the items Xur has now…I’d say buy the Obsidian Mind for Warlock. It is crispy.

No Exotic weapon from Xur this weekend. If not next week, the following week, I expect him to have better items overall.

Happy Friday the 13th, Guardians. 🙂


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