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Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Jabberhakke-D

Fellow Guardians,

I have a question: “Do any of you use the Sidearm weapons in the game?”

Sidearms were introduced in The House of Wolves with the Vestian Dynasty.

Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Vestian Dynasty

It doesn’t look formidable, but after unlocking the weapon’s full potential combined with the amount of reserve ammo available (significantly more than the standard Special Weapon) she became a decent Primary Weapon in the Special Weapon slot. The Arc Damage packed a punch against Fallen enemies and held its own against everyone else.

When I realized additional Sidearms were introduced in The Taken King, I thought they would have the Vestian Dynasty’s feel. Not so much. 😦

Yes, they still have elemental damage (Solar, Arc, & Void). Yet, they lack that little punch I feel the Dynasty has. On top of that, the Dynasty does not have a Year Two version. Meaning, the Attack Rating caps at 160…a long way from the 300 mark we’re trying to reach. In other words, it’s useless now.

One of the things we do as players is pay attention to the weapons and gear everyone else uses. I have never seen anyone use the new Sidearms in the game. I have tested a few, mainly because they continue to drop. I have also fully upgraded this weapon:

Destiny™ WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Havoc Pigeon

Correct. The 280 Attack Rating is a good start, pretty standard really. However, look at the Impact Level…that is horrible. When your weapon’s Impact Level is this low, with no way to increase it, heavily-shielded enemies are a huge challenge to defeat quickly.

Instead, I use the Pulse Rifle:

Destiny™ WEAPONS | TEST: Omolon Test FR1

The Test FR1 was introduced through the GunSmith at the release of Expansion III. Players use the weapon in the field to gain a certain percentage of experience. When the weapon reaches 100%, you’re free to Dismantle it while gaining Reputation with the GunSmith. Test weapons have a much lower Attack Rating than the standard weapons in the game and cannot be Infused to raise the Rating.

In general, Omolon Pulse Rifles are excellent. I have two or three in my arsenal. The most important point: Look at the Impact Level. When Impact is this high, it hits like a hammer, enemies are rocked back even if they’re sprinting towards you. In the very least, their shields are down and they think twice about giving you a shot at them from point blank range.

Word of caution: Look at the Charge Rate of your Pulse Rifle. When it’s very low (like the weapon above) the higher level enemies will continue to sprint right at you after you knock out their shields with the first shot. They gamble on whether or not you’ll get the second shot off before they smack you.

Charge Rate is the same as Rate of Fire. Typically, high Impact weapons shoot very slowly.

Side Note: I don’t really use Shotguns anymore because of their low Range. You have to be in the enemy’s face to do significant damage. With the amount of Taken running around, slow reload speed, less of a chance to get multiple kills with one shot…I put my Shotguns on the shelf. 😦

That’s all I have. If any of you have tips on how Sidearms can be effective, send them my way. I kept the Vanguard and Crucible Sidearms. I still have not played PvP in The Taken King. Perhaps, they could be useful there.

Take care,


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  1. Sergei says:

    Sidearms are useful in the crucible. If you play rift then it’s the best “chase” weapon out there. If you need to finish off the opponent, but don’t have enough bullets in your primary gun, you can immediately switch to the sidearm. I play a lot of pvp and the Jabberhakke is irreplaceable at this point.

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    1. I always worried about the range on these weapons. I guess the close Quarters of PvP is ideal.


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