Destiny Poster Action

It’s one of those cases where you go to the store for one thing and ignore your own list almost completely. I got it at a good deal, though. Not wrong with giving away a fast fiver.

Only question is: who looks the best? Obviously, Titan is the most predominant in the scene. That’s how he fights, in your face. Hunter probably has the coolest pose with the lit up bow & arrow. I like Warlock’s look, though his Vanguard Gear in the game doesn’t look as good as it does here. 😦

I have to give the nod to Oryx’s silhouette, though. It sort of has this Darth Vader feel to it. The Dark Lord of the Sith brooding over our heroes. Give him more personality…something lacking with the previous enemies of the game.

Overall, this poster is inspirational…and it cheers me up on a bad day.

Happy Sunday-Funday.
– Eric


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