Xur | November 6, 2015

Hi Guardians,

Guess what day it is?! 🙂 No…it’s Friday, this is not a Geico commercial. Xur is back in town with a spiffy new line-up of gear. Well, maybe, spiffy for some of you. I have all of these items already. 😦

Destiny™ TITAN | GEAR EXOTIC - Helm of Inmost Light
Helm of Inmost Light [Sub-Class: Striker] (13 Strange Coins)
Main Perk: Gain Death from Above and Headstrong
-Death from Above: After jumping, Fist of Havoc can be aimed at enemies below
-Headstrong: Sprinting increases the leap distance of Fist of Havoc

Personally, I don’t use this Helmet. I’ve had two or three copies of it, keeping the one with the best Nodes. It wasn’t ideal in Year One; I don’t know why they brought it into Year Two. It only benefits the Striker Sub-Class.

One positive, I believe you can combine Death from Above with a different option selected in the Sub-Class menu like Shockwave or Aftermath. I have the Aftermath Node selected in the menu. While wearing this Helmet, I take it both perks will work at one time. Decent, but their are better Exotic Gear items for the Titan Class.

Destiny™ HUNTER | GEAR EXOTIC: Celestial Nighthawk
Celestial Nighthawk [Sub-Class: Gunslinger] (13 Strange Coins)
Main Perk: Golden Gun fires one shot with 6x damage, while granting Keyhole for overpenetration.
-Keyhole: Golden Gun overpenetrates and can damage multiple targets

I like this Helmet for the Gunslinger Sub-Class. I only stopped wearing it because I still prefer 3 shots from the Golden Gun opposed to one 6x shot. The single 6x shot is great…when you hit your target. If the enemy strafes or teleports out of the way, you miss…it can be frustrating. Still, it’s one of the better Exotics for Hunters overall and probably the best specifically for the Gunslinger Sub-Class (if it’s not the only one).

Destiny™ WARLOCK | GEAR EXOTIC: The Impossible Machines
The Impossible Machines [Sub-Class: Stormcaller] (13 Strange Coins)
Main Perk: Grants Landfall
-Landfall: On casting Stormtrance, fire a bolt of lightning into the ground, creating a devastating shockwave under you
-Stormtrance: Chain Arc lightning from your hands (Sith Lord-style, haha)

I have never tried these out. Since we only can only equip one Exotic Gear piece at a time, I prefer the Obsidian Mind, even as a StormCaller, because it has my favorite Node attached. (Super energy from non-Guardian kills).

I’ve seen my friend use The Impossible Machines. They don’t seem to add much to the Stormtrance attack. It’s cool to have a wave of lightning under your feet, but I question how effective that is in terms of killing more enemies.

I know. I’ll have to try it myself.

Exotic Engram [Helmet]
-19 Strange Coins
-any Helmet of any Class received has a 290 Defense Rating

I burned 19 Strange Coins on this today in hopes of completing my Titan’s Exotic collection of Helmets. I got a Helmet I already have. Although it was +10 in Defense, the Nodes were not as good. I dismantled it for an Exotic Shard and…glimmer.

Legacy Exotic Engram [Primary Weapon]
-31 Strange Coins
-random Year One weapon; able to unlock Year Two weapon ONLY IF it is available in Year Two.

I will never try this. The stakes are too high for this particular roll of the dice. Remember, no matter what the Year One weapon is, it’s useless in The Taken King. If a Year Two version is available for the particular weapon you get, you still have to purchase the Year Two version with in-game currency.

A friend of mine tried this out a few weeks ago. He got the Hard Light Exotic Auto Rifle. Yay…? No. The Hard Light was not carried over into Year Two, so…sure he can use a really weak weapon at 160 Attack Rating, but why would anyone do that? Better weapons drop during your first mission out of the gate.

There’s a waste of 31 Strange Coins.

I’ll probably discuss issues like this in a future blog. The game within the game. Although The Taken King patch has improved the game, there are still negative tendencies brought over from Year One. They’re just…in disguise, I suppose, instead of blatantly on display.

If you’re a veteran or close to it, like me, and have all three items (perhaps, collecting dust) I suggest saving your Strange Coins (especially if you’re running low). Because you never know when the game will have a lull, meaning fewer drops of Strange Coins out of the blue.

In a week or two, Xur will likely have a better stash for sale. And if you burned through all your Strange Coins on not-so-great gear by that time, you won’t have any left to get something meaningful. Trust me…I’ve learned from experience.

Until Next Time, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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