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BRAND | Exos of Destiny

Hi Guardians,

When I created this blog in July 2015, I didn’t know what to expect. I only understood that I needed a break from the normal routines of life to spend time doing something fun…and, frankly, unimportant.

This blog, along with all of the social media channels connected to it, highlight the aesthetics of Destiny. Aside from all of the gripes players and outside viewers have mentioned about this video game, no one can complain about the visuals.

Visually, the game is stunning. However, it’s also easy to overlook while running around the world or…running from bad guys. Often times, the focus is on whether or not a weapon is powerful enough. The questions become, “Is this piece of gear worth buying…or keeping?” I want to highlight the time it took for someone to come up with the concept, the look of the weapon or gear piece, and create it well enough that it functions in the game properly.

Now…many of you can say, “Wow, Eric, that’s their job…to create the video game.” But I believe it’s something we may take for granted too often in a world of next-Gen consoles.

I enjoy moments of being still, at least, slowing down. Of course, I shoot and bunny hop like the next player. Yet, I treat the visual artists of these games like visual artists. I treat their work like art pieces that need to be hung in galleries. I love looking through concept art even while thinking, ‘I have no ability whatsoever to create that.’ I admire the people that do.

Along with writing the fan fiction, Exos of Destiny has become a gallery for the work of these visual artists. I don’t know who they are; I simply recognize talent when I see it.

Of course, viewers may think a video showing the motion effects of a Warlock Bond is boring, if not lame, altogether. Yet, I see it and think, “Wooow, that is so cool.” No ‘how-to’ instructions; no critiques; no walkthroughs, just sit for a while and appreciate. Weird?

I think future artists can be inspired by current artists, especially when creating the next video game. Perhaps, future artists will make improvements on current designs in a separate game. This will be one place to have a look around for inspiration and, perhaps, motivation.

As it is, many viewers find their way here while searching the internet for information of your favorite pieces of gear & weapons. Since I’ve added quite a few images to the Archives, you’ve discovery Exos of Destiny because of the improved SEO I’ve implemented on all of my images and videos.

All of the images in the Archives are screenshots I’ve taken myself on a PlayStation 4 (which belongs to my roommate). 🙂 I’m proud of this small accomplishment because the number of images here is far beyond what I anticipated on saving. All the videos on YouTube are from this PS4 as well.

When this blog began in July, there were ten views with ten visitors for the month. October numbers skyrocketed to 800+ visitors with over 1,800 views from several sections of the globe. And, with less than 48 hours into November, the views accumulated have already surpassed the entire month of September. Thumbs up.

Needless to say, I am encouraged, but do understand I have to keep new stories and images coming. Since I continue to play Destiny on PS3, I know what’s going on and build stories around this.

A note to the new players, some of whom I ran into over the weekend, you will probably never see a player use the Gjallarhorn, let alone use it yourself. I’m not gonna cry. I’ll just say, it was great. I only had it a few short weeks before it was rendered useless in The Taken King, but…good times, man. Good times. Now, you can at least see it in the Archives. Yeah. I’m gonna be okay. Thank you all very much for the support. 🙂

Destroy Them All, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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