Destiny™ PlayStation Exclusive: Neuroghast 1.0

A fellow Guardian asked me a question on YouTube about this video I posted. He had never seen this helmet in The Taken King and wondered if it is exclusive to PlayStation. I did a little digging.

Yep. It is. Each Class has a PlayStation exclusive set of armor. Like the Exotic weapon, Hawkmoon, from Year One, Xbox players will have to wait an entire calendar year before they can get their hands on what everyone else is already using.

Why do the creators of Destiny persists in torturing our Xbox companions? Word on the street is there’s bad blood between Bungie and Microsoft. If I recall the story correctly, Bungie severed ties to Microsoft to trail their own path. And now that Bungie is solo, they’re taking the liberty to get back at The Man.

Once a developer exclusive to Microsoft…now, they’re in league with Sony. Politics. It’s everywhere.

I also read that Bungie advised Sony on the inner workings of the PS4 console and on how the controller should be designed to benefit gamers.

The only reason I’ve leaned towards PlayStation over Xbox is because the graphics are better. I was never a Halo player or interested in an Xbox exclusive. All about the look.

There are four pieces of exclusive armor to collect for each Class. They drop at random as Legendary Sublime Engrams. I only have the complete set for my Hunter.

I prefer the look of the Exclusive gear for Hunter and Warlock compared to the new Vanguard designs introduced in The Taken King. Titan’s new Vanguard gear is crispy; Hunter’s is okay-ish; Warlock’s new Vanguard gear (except for the Helmet) …I don’t like it.

Titan’s Exclusive gear is…okay. I do not have the gauntlets, yet, to complete the set. When they drop, I will share the entire look with you guys.

Final note: It’s pretty obvious that the creators of Destiny want players to wear a Shader without exception. I used to be the exception. The majority of the Shaders from Year One did not match and/or the colors were too saturated. Plus, the gear looked awesome without a Shader, so there was no point to have them (to me).

Without a Shader equipped, nowadays, your Guardian will look terrible, even with all of the gear types matching. Perfect example. Here’s the complete set of the Neuroghast 1.0 armor equipped without a Shader.
Destiny™ HUNTER | GEAR LEGENDARY: Neuroghast 1.0
It does make me wonder who’s in charge of coloring their armor. Jeepers. 😦

I only had a handful of Shaders I liked from Year One and none of them worked with this new gear. So, I previewed the Shaders introduced in The Taken King; I chose this one:
Destiny™ SHADER | HUNTER: Mercurial Dawn
Mercurial Dawn. That’s more like it. Better than those old pajamas he used to wear. 🙂

Well, I’ve done enough damage here. Saying good-bye to another Happy Friday Eve.

Destroy Them All, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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