NEWS | Destiny™ Exotic: Graviton Forfeit

Destiny™ HUNTER | GEAR EXOTIC: Graviton Forfeit
One of my favorite new Helmets introduced in The Taken King is called, Graviton Forfeit, worn by the Hunter Class. Instead of the usual face-plate, there’s no face at all with the voided area being cover in this purple smoke that constantly moves upward. How cool is that? 🙂

Still, a Guardian’s priority (mine, at least) is to wear some of the most effective equipment possible. It doesn’t always happen. Otherwise, the game would lack variety. Question being: Is the Forfeit helpful in the field? Let’s look at the main perks:

No.1: Elusive ShadowUnlocks the Nightstalker Sub-Class node Shadestep for free. Gain an Evade.
I rushed over the description in the video below. Shadestep is the absolute last Node to unlock in this Sub-Class meaning it takes a while to access this ability. If you buy this Exotic Helmet or stumble upon it with an Exotic Engram, you can unlock this ability without doing so the traditional way. On to the video…

No. 2: Increase StrengthStrength is the least used Bonus out of the available three because you have to run up to your enemy to melee them. Since we are facing an increasing amount of heavily-shielded enemies, that is not the ideal way to attack them. Although the Warlock Class can melee an enemy from a short distance away, the other two classes cannot. Melees are generally used in an emergency or as a quick reflex opposed to using sound strategy.

No.3: Increase Intellect – The most sought after Bonus in the game. Yet, I’ve changed my thinking on this simply because there are other ways to boost your Intellect (how fast you generate power for your Super Ability). Quite a few Gear pieces offer a boost for grenade kills, melee kills, or simply defeating anything that’s not a Guardian (the best option). Speaking of which…

No.4: Inverse ShadowIncreased Super energy gained from killing minions of the Darkness, which is pretty much everything. However, this is not useful in PvP. Although your fellow Guardians are trying to kill you in the Crucible or Iron Banner, etc. they are not evil. 🙂 I know, I know…just take my word for it.

No.5: Heavy LiftingGain bonus Super energy from Heavy Weapon kills on minions of the Darkness. Yep, we just covered it. Except this is specific to using a Sword, Machine Gun, or Rocket Launcher. I don’t use a Heavy all the time, so Inverse Shadow is a better choice.

No.6: Better AlreadyShields start recovery immediately after Orb pickup. Guardians can swap between Nodes 2 & 3 and Nodes 4 & 5. Node 6 is always on. I didn’t think this would be very useful as a solo player until I ran around on the Dreadnaught for a while. Usually, there are three to four players in the area trying to accomplish the same goals as you are. We all drop Orbs, especially when a Special Event is triggered. Orbs galore! 🙂 You’ll need them.

Side Note: The Exos of Destiny channel on YouTube has come a long way. I have more improvements to make as I learn. The logo’s watermark has been added to all videos. 🙂 I also renamed most of the content, so they’ll be found by search engines more often.

Art design is the  focal point of the Channel, although there are some videos of gameplay, etc. I hope you all enjoy it enough to Subscribe.

Destroy Them All, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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