NEWS | Destiny Exotic Weapon: Hereafter

NEWS | Weapons: Exotic: Hereafter
The Agent of the Nine has returned. On sale this week, the Year Two version of No Backup Plans for the Titan Class; the Year Two version of Don’t Touch Me for the Hunter Class; and The Stag for the Warlock Class. He also has an Exotic “Legacy” Heavy Weapon Engram for 31 Strange Coins. Personal note, at this price, I usually pass on it.

The Featured pick of the Week has to be the Exotic Sniper Rifle new to Destiny called, Hereafter. I reluctantly purchased this weapon because the game has been rewarding me with too many Sniper Rifles already. Besides that, the Gunsmith has had quite a few to purchase as of late. I think I bought them all.

Still, before Expansion III released, I vowed not to make the same mistake I have in the past. Don’t pass up Exotic Weapon on its initial release. I made this mistake with the Icebreaker thinking it looked to awkward to be any good. Then, it turned out to be the best invention since sliced bread. Let’s take a look…

Destiny™ WEAPONS | EXOTIC: Hereafter
Compared to the Sniper Rifles from Omolon, and even The Vanguard, this weapon is longer. I worried about the Stability under fire. Sniper Rifle sights have to tendency to bounce around under the barrage of enemy fire. Hereafter got a chance to prove itself while I was roaming around Mars today on Patrol Missions.

You guessed it, The Taken constantly showed up to interfere with my progress. This week, they seem to be more aggressive and come out in greater numbers. Eventually, their Champion emerged as I worked with other Guardians in the area to defeat the two Lieutenants.

He was mad. A giant Vex Minotaur firing away while being protected by Taken Cabal. I tried the old plan of rushing him with the Arc Edge Sword. Not a good idea. Within seconds a foot stomp or two killed me time and again.

If you take too long to kill a Champion, they will disappear before you have a chance to finish them off. I was running out of time and the more direct approach obviously wasn’t working. Out came the Hereafter for my last desperate attempt to kill the Vex giant. Half of its health was left. I thought to myself, “Man. I’ll have to get him next time.”

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

The sound of the Hereafter was jubilant destruction. I raised an eyebrow, ‘Good golly, I might have a shot.’ Reload.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

The giant was on the ropes. One more reload…and before the fourth shot sounded off, the Vex Champion was…hmm…what’s a good word? Vanquished! haha.

Dog gon’! I’m keeping this thing.

And I have. Running around the depths of Mars tormenting unsuspecting Cabal. Glorious. I haven’t even unlocked all the perks of the weapon, which should improve its capabilities. Hmm, what are they, anyway?

Main perk: The Hereafter- Crouching increases scope zoom and makes it easier to aim under fire. (Hmm…I should have read this before using it).

2nd perk: Perfectionist- Magazine is refunded if all shots fired are precision kills. (Crispy…crispy…).

3rd perk: Blinding Light- Precision kills with this weapon have the chance to cause a bright flash that can blind nearby enemies. (Oooohhh…).

Well, Guardians, that is it for our Xur, Weapon of the Week…or…Weekend. 🙂 The Main perk is always unlocked, newly introduced feature in The Taken King. So, if you have the Strange Coins to spare (23 of ’em) give it a whirl. I like it. And I generally don’t use Sniper Rifles. I go Fusion…or Shotgun if I must.

Destroy Them All, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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