AUTHOR | Exos Support Breast Cancer Prevention

BRAND | Poster for the "Breast Cancer Prevention" Cause
Howdy do, Guardians:

Each year, the month of October is set aside to raise awareness on Breast Cancer. It’s not a comfortable subject for me to address. However, having lost a young man in my own family to T-Cell Lymphoma cancer some years ago, I want to do the little that I can to speak up on any form of cancer.

I would like the medical community to focus more on prevention because we’re all aware of the awful effects from the treatment given to combat this disease. I prefer keeping as many people away from this experience as possible.

That said, please please please, ladies, do not put off regular check-ups at your doctor. Also, do not ignore any signs of your body telling you something’s not quite right. As we know, early detection is crucial to one’s chances of beating this disease.

In support of the “Breast Cancer Prevention Cause,” the Exos of Destiny logo is wearing pink for the month of October. Visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. to support their work. They have tons of information about this subject that’s helpful to everyone. The more educated we are on the subject, the better.

A bit of housekeeping now. When I was creating this graphic, I didn’t want people to think I’m a representative of Bungie Studios, the Developers of Destiny. Since I have my own logo for my personal work, I decided to feature it over the Destiny brand. Not only on this blog, but on all of the social media outlets for Exos of Destiny, my logo is now clearly seen to help distinguish the difference between us. Though, I’m sure Bungie doesn’t mind the message shared here.

Live Well, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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