NEWS | Invite to “Eververse”

NEWS | Eververse
October 13, 2015: I received this graphic within an email from Bungie Studios yesterday. Guardians were introduced to the Eververse Trading Company (EV) owned by Tess Everis. For now, Tess only sells a variety of Emotes that I’ve seen Guardians used in…unique ways…first hand. What makes Eververse unique to the game is you have to pay real currency to purchase “Silver” in order to buy an emote.

Destiny has given players 400 Silver, which can buy two emotes at 200 Silver a piece. However, “Legendary” emotes costs 500 Silver. Of course, if you want these, you’ll have to purchase more Silver through the store of your respective console. For more details, visit Eververse on Bungie’s website.

What are your thoughts on introducing the prospect of paying for emotes with real currency? Micro-transactions?

I’m not the expert on pricing. In this case, I feel like it’s the nickel and dime treatment. Yet, I’m probably in the minority since MMOs generally use micro-transactions. I’ve just never purchased optional in-game items with real currency, even when the items would improve my character’s ability to fight or defend itself.

Emotes have nothing to do with either. I’m the type of player who writes notes and keeps track of what item I need for what character, etc. in a notebook. Serious much? I will likely use my 400 Silver to buy two emotes. Still, I honestly think Destiny should have had three new emotes included in the purchase of The Taken King Expansion. Then, they could have given us 200-400 Silver on top of that with many more items to come.

I say this only because we’ve had the same handful of emotes throughout Year One: Point. Salute. Sit Down. Dance. Now, in Year Two…we have to buy them with real currency? Ouch. Now, to debate with myself on which two emotes I want. Suggestions?

I’d like to leave you all with the in-game footage for EV. Say “Hi” to my Hunter! 🙂

Destroy  Them All, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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