SHIP | Fatal Vision
During the past week, many of you have stumbled upon my website because it is quickly becoming quite an expansive collection of images from Destiny. Lately, most of you have taken a look at Fatal Vision, wondering how you acquire such a spiffy boat…ship.

After some online research, I found that you simply have to complete the storyline of Expansion III. Easy.
Hard? Actually getting the ship as a reward when you do.

Popular ships in the game are usually earned on a mission (or Raid’s) Hard Mode. So, if you’ve completed The Taken King Quest line several times and still have not gotten the Fatal Vision to drop, I’m thinking Normal Mode will not work.

You can play the final battle against Oryx on a more difficult level when it appears as a Daily Heroic. Or…you may be able to manually change the Difficulty Setting of this mission after selecting it from the Map of Mars.

In Year One, to better the odds of getting a good ship reward, you can’t die more than twice and have to have a high number of kills. So, your Kill/Death Ratio needs to be solid. Try not to die…at all. One death…passable. Two deaths, you’re pushing it. More than that…I doubt it.


Don’t give in just yet. There are two alternatives to Fatal Vision in the game. Here’s the first:
SHIP | Sidereal Rumba
Unlike myself, many of you play The Crucible…often. Play The Crucible playlist and…maybe…some day, she’ll be yours. Likely because you had a heap of kills without little to no deaths. The Sidereal Rumba. Uhh…I didn’t name it. As you can see, same design as Fatal, yet, in the can’t miss dark blue and loud green. Personally, I think it’s a step up from the orange color.

Finally, if you can digest the subject of politics, New Monarchy has the last alternative:
SHIP | Comitatus

The Comitatus (I didn’t name this boat, either) is one of the best-looking ships in the entire game. (Crispy…) Who knew the Monarchy had it in them?

To snag this sleek model, you “find” it in a New Monachy package. I assume, join their Faction for a week at a time until you get it.

Me? Vanguard all the way, baby. Though, I did try out New Monarchy in a previous Expansion. Didn’t last long. At all. (shrug).

Kill Them All, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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