I have spent the passed week putting together additions to the Archive. From the homepage, you can find links to gear, weapons, and cosmetics for each Guardian Class. Near the bottom of the homepage, click “Previous” to see the rest of the collection including Exotic Weapons and Ships.

The Taken King has quite a few new weapons and gear included. I gathered as much as I could. I’m putting all of these images together because I want to follow the style of the game from one Expansion to the next.

If you’re a veteran player, you already understand that all the gear from the original story-line to The House of Wolves is pretty useless at this point. Most players, I imagine, are Dismantling the old to make room for the new. So, I feel like these Archives preserve the designs of the previous looks because new players won’t know where we started.

I do not have images of the gear from the original release. Recently, I realized I began playing around The Dark Below.

Personally, I did not look forward to getting acclimated to new weapons, a re-purposed Light System, and letting go of my gear. However, The Taken King only disappoints me in the latter. Many of the new weapons introduced are light years better than the previous version, especially those made by Omolon and Hakke.

I call it, “crispy.”

Yes, my best friend has already told me that no one says crispy…but that’s how I describe it. Overall, the gameplay, weapons, enemy tactics…all crispy. Before the Taken King expansion, everything seemed a bit loose. Guardian movement, targeting, weapon stability & design…it was all a little…sloppy (for lack of a better word).

One example:
WEAPONS | LEGENDARY: Snakebite Surgeon

I earned this Fusion Rifle while playing The House of Wolves. It’s one of the better Fusion Rifles in the game. However, I rarely used it after a while. I quickly found shotguns more useful. As for the design…it’s okay. All over the place, actually. It looks like too many different pieces are attached to the weapon.

Now, here’s a perfect example of ultimate crispy:

This is also a Fusion Rifle. As you can see, the design is leaps and bounds above the previous model. It also performs better in the field. It feels lighter, your character moves easily, more freely.

Keep in mind, stats are used differently. As far as I can tell, a weapon or piece of gear maxes out at 300. Ten items contribute to your Light Level, including your Ghost. It’s too easy to each Level 40 in the game. However, your Light Level determines how strong (or powerful) your gear and weapons are.

Another example, if a Chest piece is 220, it’s not that great. To be honest, you can only start to smile when your items reach 280. This is the base number for Vanguard and Faction Gear/Weapons. I find it interesting that the game will reward you with Legendary gear that is well below 280. Then, you’ll receive non-Legendary weapons that are higher, like 260, 280, etc. It’s kinda weird.

To be honest, I have a non-Legendary, non-Exotic helmet that is 294…higher than the 290 Exotic helmet I have. (shrug). Anyway, the goal is to have all of your weapons & gear (including your Ghost) at 300. At this point, you’ve reached the pinnacle.

Now, in order play the final Raid to defeat Oryx, you have to be at least 290. My best character to date is my Hunter at 286. My Titan & Warlock are close behind…around 280. I must say, keeping up with three characters with all the Quests and Bounties you have to complete…it can be exhausting.

Hunters are your best friend…sort of…when it comes to looking for items. Nightstalkers, the new subclass, can pick up Loot Chests on their Radar. So, if you wanna stick to one character (a time saver) I recommend…go Hunting.

Finally, as for the story I’m writing, I’m running out of images. I have two more episodes that I’m patching out before this storyline is done. Since I don’t have a lot of access to a PS4 anymore (I play on a PS3) I’m not able to take screenshots and videos of my gameplay. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue to write…start a new storyline…simply without images & video. It seems a bit boring to me. idk.

Last note…you may have asked yourself why I end my personal messages here with “Kill them all, Guardians.” Visit the Dreadnaught, you’ll understand. The Cabal are fighting the Hive while they’re being attacked by the Taken. Then, I show up and they all start shooting at me. You know what? All of you are going down, lol!

Kill them All, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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