This is the Legend of JCEvidence, Level 34 Male Exo Hunter. You have seen many things, JCEvidence. You’ve made enemies fear your name. Your Legend has begun.

Most Lethal Exotic: Red Death | 1,533 Kills
Cabal Psion Kills: 676 | Top 5% of All Guardians
Vex Hobgoblin Kills: 786 | Top 6% of All Guardians
Fallen Vandal Kills: 2,536 | Top 8% of All Guardians
Total Kills: 24,419 | Top 9% of All Guardians

Stories of Surgeon JCEvidence, The Fallen Destroyer have spread. Now The Taken King knows your name and he’s coming for you, JCEvidence. Time to live up to that Legend.


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