Introduction to the musical score.

“It has begun!” I love that line from Mortal Kombat. Around 10am (PST), I began to download the new update for Destiny which ushers in the new Expansion: The Taken King. Because of the multiple reports of problems actually downloading the game, I posted a suggestion specifically for the PS4 on Bungie’s forum. I want to share it with you all as well:

“Hi Fellow Guardians,

Since I download quite a few games on PSN, I already knew about the lag time large files usually have.

I began downloading the 2.0.0 Update about 10am (PST). The typical problem…around 30 minutes into the download, I notice my Estimating Time to Completion (ETC) was up to 22 hours. That’s when I decided to “Pause Download” and turn off the PS4.

After two minutes, I turned the PS4 back on and “Resume Download.” The download speed was back to normal.

Until maybe an hour or so later, it slowed to a halt and my ETC skyrocketed again. Yep, “Pause Download” turned off the PS4 for about five minutes this time. Turned the PS4 back on, “Resume Download” and really had no issues after that.

I don’t know why, but every game is like this. For some reason, the network can’t handle the file size or the PS4 gets tired. idk. All I do know is, by…I’d say 2:00pm (PST) the download was finished…all 17.7GBs. Four hours. I’ve been through worse.

But yeah, if you let the download just run and run and run…for some of you, the ETC will simply keep climbing. So, if you’re on PS4 and are looking at a 20+ hour Estimated Time to Completion…give this a whirl. It couldn’t hurt. And again, you may have to do this a two or three times. If you’re lagging (or not moving at all) for ten…fifteen minutes, restart the system…just remember to pause the download, first.

Hope this helps somebody. And if you’re not playing yet, don’t feel jealous. I decided not to play until my best friend gets off work. We were both anticipating 2.0.0 and it would be mean for me to go in alone. Only an hour left to go. lol, I am getting EVERYTHING else possible out of the way, so when it’s time to play, I can be in the zone.” -ecj

There are so many changes to the look and feel of Destiny, even playing the same content again seems like a new experience. The only problem is: If you already have three characters at a high level, you either have to delete one of your characters or create a new account under a new name, different email address. 😦 Decisions, decisions.

I plan to play the game later tonight and will likely enjoy running doing…something.

Eric Christopher Jackson


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