AUTHOR | Xur on Labor Day Weekend

WEAPONS | EXOTIC - Patience & Time
Another disappointing Xur arrival this weekend. I have every single item he has available for sale. I was hoping he would have the Icebreaker (finally) but he has Patience & Time, which he’s sold more often than I care to count. So, to me, this week is just another rehashing of items to fill up the weekend.

Patience & Time is a decent sniper rifle, but I never use it. I’ve always preferred to use an Exotic Primary or Heavy Weapon. The main perk is it grants you invisibility after a few moments of looking down the weapon’s sight. Not bad at all, but too situational for my taste. It doesn’t help when you switch weapons, i.e. a sniper rifle to a shotgun, you lose reserve ammo.

If you favor Warlocks and don’t have the Obsidian Mind helmet yet…get it. I love it. As I mentioned before, it’s tailored for the VoidWalker Subclass. One Nova Bomb fuel the recharge of the next…

TITAN | GEAR EXOTIC - Helm of Saint-14
If you favor Titans and don’t have the Helm of Saint-14 helmet…get it. I use it for the Defender Subclass all the time. But again, I purchased these items months ago and have seen Xur sale them multiple times since then. I’m looking for something new AND useful.

HUNTER | GEAR EXOTIC - Khepri's StingSpeaking of useful, Hunters, if you value your Strange Coins, I suggest not wasting them on Khepri’s Sting. Although Xur has this Exotic Gear available (again)…I learned my lesson and did not buy it. Still, I was rewarded with this Exotic for completing the Prison of Elders just before Xur’s arrival.

Why is it so bad? The first Node allows you to increase the reload speed of your Primary Weapons. …Okay. The second Node reduces your melee cooldown when you pick up an Orb of Light. Meaning, it’s only useful in PvP or if you’re on a Fireteam. If you mainly roll solo, like I do, it’s almost completely useless.

The third Node called “Touch of Venom” (catchy) lets you gain invisibility after crouching a short time. Sound familiar? The “Stalker” Node for the BladeDancer SubClass does the same thing. “Touch of Venom” does add a bonus feature: melee an enemy from behind for 4x damage. …Well, very situational. Maybe useful for a main boss. Do you really want to use up your only Exotic Gear spot for it? No.

Btw, the beetle on your forearm moves its legs and pincers. Added bonus, right? Needless to say, if I need an Exotic Shard…Xur’s not around and I’m low on Strange Coins…I’ll dismantle this piece to get the Exotic Shard using it to level up another, more useful, piece of Exotic Gear.

Kill them all, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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