ARTICLE| The Ten Best Weapons in Destiny[?]

NEWS | 10 Best Weapons?
ARTICLE | By | (6 months ago)

There is a ton of news about Destiny since we are a little less than 4 days from any new content being released for The Taken King. I am interested in collecting the best weapons in the game because it makes me a more efficient Guardian.

While this article is six months old, it’s still useful for new & current players to see how Year One experts judge weapons. Personally, I own only four of the ten that made this particular list. Please keep in mind, most of these weapons will be nerfed in the 2.0.0 update, including our favorite rocket launcher. Plus, the new weapons from The Taken King are likely designed to be better than those from previous expansions.

However, for nostalgic reasons (and for a change from the norm) I tend to keep certain weapons in my collection. And…since The Vault will be expanded from 36 slots to 72, we’ll be able to store more weapons we really don’t need, but love anyway.


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