NEWS | The Abandoned Fourth Class (GameInformer)

Greetings, Guardians:

Yet, another GI article on Destiny’s new expansion, “The Taken King.” Are they overdoing the frequency of these articles? Most likely. Still, here I am telling you about it. So, their job is done. You can read the new GameInformer article here. A few short video clips are included showing each new sub-class in action.

Question: Where are you in the game? What have you been doing as we countdown to TTK? Occasionally, I receive emails from Bungie updating me on news and my own progress in the game. Lately, they’ve been sending me little nuggets to get me to play more often. For example:
Moments of Triumph
I have had the privilege of playing the game since it’s initial launch. My best friend figured I would like it and ordered the Season’s Pass which includes “The Dark Below” & “The House of Wolves.” However, PS3 owners can’t play alongside PS4 owners, so…that plan feel through. I’ve been playing on my own while he returned to World of Warcraft. I’ve played through all of the Story Missions up to this point. Hence, most of this circle is filled. However, I have not played through a Raid or the End Game on any Level, not to mention the Hard Difficulty Level required to fill in the last three nodes. No, thank you.

Also, I’ve been told you receive a special Emblem for accumulating 3,000 Grimoire Points in the game. With the progress I’ve made through last night, I have 2,840 points with little hope of moving up. I’m not sure what else I can do to get the other 160 points I need. I’ve found all 50 Dead Ghosts in the game along with the 20 Golden Chests. I may have to try a Raid or a more Difficult Level in the game to add to my total. I’ll investigate.

I must say I’m disappointed in Xur’s arrival this weekend. None of the items he has is really anything I need. I already have the “Thunderlord” Exotic Machine gun along with the two helmets he’s offering for the Titan and Hunter. I relunctantly purchased the Chest Armor called Starfire Protocol for my Warlock; he doesn’t need anymore chest pieces. Trust me. I’ve spoiled him with a bit of everything.

Again, I was expecting Bungie to let us have the Icebreaker Exotic Sniper Rifle…or at least the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon, which I did not pick up when I had the chance. The “Thunderlord” is probably in the Top 3 of Exotic Weapons to own, but I don’t think it made any headlines or trended on Twitter as the Gjallarhorn did last week (that was insane).

Speaking of the Gjallarhorn, I’ve been lazily upgrading mine. I’m simply tired of running bounties, whether Vanguard or from the Queen. My enthusiasm has died down significantly. I also did a few Arenas in the Prison of Elders to get rid of all but one of the Treasure Keys I have left. Yes, my weapons reward was the same machine gun…twice. One with Arc energy, one with Solar. (smh) I’ve had an Dismantled them before. I have a better Legendary Machine Gun from the original release.

When you feel like there’s no real progression in a game, you get this lack-luster feel at the end of a mission. I am happy the new expansion will let us Level up through XP instead of Light Points again. Ahh, back to the days before Level 20.

Well, I supposed I can search for a team that will let a newbie run a Raid with them. It’s all I have left.

Kill them all, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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