Twitch Reveal 081915
Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 11:00am Pacific Time, Bungie had an hour long LIVE stream on Twitch. You can watch the LIVE stream on Bungie’s channel here.

I’ve seen quite a bit of the stream. I am happy about the changes overall. I think players “may ” be disappointed by the nerf current weapons will receive, which is to push the player to use the new weapons for Year Two. I am not attached to many Legendary Weapons that I’ve grinded to upgrade. I am attached to quite a few of the Exotic Weapons & Gear. I hope they’re useful in The Taken King, but I have a feeling that they will sit in The Vault simply for nostalgic reasons.

Funny thing is, last night, I used the pulse rifle you get as a reward for completing the original End Game. It works so well and was really fun to play with, I think I’ll use it more often. I also still use the Vanguard Machine Gun from the original storyline because the combined nodes are so good, none of the newer Legendary Machine Guns have come close to it.

I’ve only watched have of this Stream so far and there are already so many new changes, it almost feels like a new game. Pretty close. It’s a bit frustrating because I feel like a lot of these new features should have been a given on Day One, but they’re just being introduced in the fourth Expansion after a year has gone by.

Still, I’m looking forward to playing The Taken King. I don’t know if I’m going to go all out in buying a special edition version or if I’ll go vanilla. My biggest hurdle right now…in order to play with my best friend, I have to buy a PS4…which is not cheap or the most important purchase I need (It’s a want). I have decided that I’d like the Destiny bundle if I can swing it. Not the white PS4, but a bundle seems good.

A final note: I came up with the closing remark: “Kill them all, Guardians” because that’s basically what we do. Last night, I was going through an area on Venus…The Fallen were fighting against The Vex. They’re shooting at each other and so on…I was like…uh, I’m gonna kill you both. Wipe everyone out. The End. The same thing goes for, if you’re on Mars, The Cabal fighting The Vex. Everyone must go. haha. So, as it goes…

Kill Them All, Guardians,
Eric Christopher Jackson


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