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Destiny: The Taken King’s New Approach to Storytelling” by Bruce Hanson

Guardians, a new article about the game was posted yesterday evening on GameInformer. A video interview is included and I’d like to share my response to it. Also, I do hope you are enjoying the screenshots and the few story elements I’ve written so far. I have just created the “Author” Category for this blog, so Followers will know the post is strictly about my personal thoughts and news I’ve found about the game.

Now, to my response:

Visually, “Destiny” is a great game to play. I just don’t think it can last if they continue with the ‘super bad guy and his minions show up, kill them,’ routine. It is a good idea to make players feel like they influence the game as they mentioned. The problem is, “The Dark Below” didn’t spark my attention to care because the story was lacking. So, now that they’re continuing that storyline, there’s no foundation of excitement to begin with.

And, yes, the Cryptarch is the one of the most popular characters in the game…but they forgot to mention it’s for the wrong reason. Players give him Engrams they’ve grinded for and he gives back garbage weapons, gear, or something you already own & don’t need 20 duplicates of.

They managed to annoy me in the same way in Expansion II. Oh, look, players get Treasure Keys from the Queen’s Bounties. But when you get rewarded for the 50th time with the same types of weapons that you haven’t needed for weeks, it gets old. Not to mention the fact that once you complete a Queen’s Bounty, you have 90 seconds to FIND the Loot Chest located in some random place around a beautiful, enormous area. And if you happen to find said Chest, your Rewards turn out to be materials you would have easily bought at the Tower, but did not because you’re already are swimming in them.

Finally, they put all that hard work in creating a story, yet, it’s on Grimoire cards instead of putting, at least, the majority of it in the game. That is like going to the movies and the theater attendant tells us: “If you want to know what’s going on in the movie, go to the film’s website.”

smh. My gosh. They made awesome visuals, awesome story, lots of potential…just let the game be what it is. Stop trying be ‘so clever’ or pad it out to no end to make more profit in the long run. Just let the game…be. If the people behind this game don’t move out of their own way, they might lose more than the players’ respect. They’ll be looking for another place to work. 😦 (putting the soapbox away).

Eric Christopher Jackson


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