Ep.3 | WEAPONS | EXOTIC | Suros Regime

WEAPONS | EXOTIC | Suros Regime
Weapons are my specialty. I make sure we have the best weapons ready at all times. Some of the best have eluded me, but, eventually, I find what I’m looking for. Today was a good day. Like Titan and Warlock mentioned, Xur (The Agent of the Nine) shows up at the end of the week selling who knows what. And you’d better have the currency to pay.

We did. My brothers and I find material, currency, and put it all in one big pot. Titan was generous, at first. Because he had collected so much before Warlock & I even left The Academy, he had more than he needed. However, material and currency ran thin when Warlock & I hit the field along with him.

Titan stayed generous with the material. I had a knack for finding weapons. Warlock..well, we helped him along…until he passed us both. I can’t believe it. The kid finally grew up.

Anyway, I went out looking for weapons today with the currency we had. Turned out, Xur is selling the Suros Regime, a powerful Exotic Weapon. High Impact combined with a high Rate of Fire is almost unheard of these days for an Assault Rifle. The best we had is called, Hard Light. It doesn’t stand up too well against the bigger guys; their armor is too strong. I decided to compare the two:
WEAPONS | EXOTIC | Hard Light vs. Suros Regime
The Attack Level is a bit weak until we upgrade it and the stability improves as well. All Guardians have 48 hours to get it before Xur takes off to wherever again. It costs six Strange Coins more than the usual price he charges. Now, we’re running low on this currency, but..it’s ours.

I got to test drive it first..on Mars:

Good weight distribution, easy to hold, nice design. Old school. Works for it. I have some Bounties to collect for the Vanguard. Time to put this baby to work.

– Hunter


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