Ep.1 | TITAN | EXOTIC – The Armamentarium

TITAN | GEAR EXOTIC: The Armamentarium
“As usual, Xur (Agent of the Nine) showed up at the Tower. Everyone knows the pattern by now. He sells gear, weapons, engrams…at a steep price, then he disappears. We don’t even know, for sure, who he’s working for. Still, the items may be so valuable Guardians are willing to pay the cost and ask questions later.

Over time, we’ve discovered which items are worthless and which should be a Guardian’s most prized possession. Depending on the abilities a piece of Gear gives us, we value each one independently. I joined the Titan Class because of my style of combat which mirrors my personality. Some Exos favor power or weapons. Both important, but I like to kill with my bare hands. Should there be any other way?

Back on the subject, The Armamentarium was in my possession long before a couple days ago. I can’t remember the date exactly; I just remember tossing it away because it looked like a piece of junk. Months later, word got out that it’s one of the best pieces of Exotic Gear a Titan can own. I was angry with myself, of course.

Several months passed afterwards and I’d almost given up hope on getting my hands on it again. Then, a couple days ago, The Agent of the Nine shows up offering this piece for sale. At last, it’s mine again..and I sympathize with those who get in my way with this equipped.

Why is The Armamentarium so valuable you ask? With so many enemies on the battlefield, Guardians need an edge anywhere we can get it. After you’ve used this Gear in battle enough, it generates an extra grenade. Two grenades at the ready are always better than one. More importantly, two grenades are enough to kill the strongest of Fallen Captains or even a Hive Leader. Which means I can move to the next target faster.

When you’re fighting waves of Thrall..you’ll understand. I guess, for now, you’ll have to take my word for it, as humans would say.

Xur is gone, now. Again. When he’ll sale The Armamentarium again, no one knows. But at least I know I’m keeping mine this time. The video feed below will show you what I see.”

– Titan


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