My name is Eric. I am a casual video game player. However, when I find a game I really like, I play it a lot. I began to play “Destiny” a few months after its release. I decided to start with the Titan. As I continued to level up the character, I began to get rewarded with gear for the other types in the game, Hunter & Warlock. It began to happen so often, my frustration led me to create an Exo for each.

Today, and two expansions later, I have three Level 32.5 Exos. I’m mainly a PvE player since I enjoy the story missions and Strikes much more than PvP combat. Unfortunately, this has led to limitations on how much my Exos can Level Up. The better Legendary Gear is given on Raids and Fireteams opposed to solo missions.

Also, I do not have most of the famed weapons such as Icebreaker, Gjallarhorn, and Bad Juju. I did pick up Red Death, which was made available through Xur a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps, I will dust away my reluctance to participate in Raids & such. For now, let’s go around the table to meet the Exos.

Titan | Origin Legendary
From the beginning, I wanted to be loyal to the Vanguard. The other factions didn’t interests me too much, although I did try New Monarchy for a bit. Plus, I don’t have to play in The Crucible to get Vanguard Marks.

Titan is the brawler of the group. When in doubt, punch it. Very little finesse, if any, heavy-build, yet, his jumping abilities are better than his brothers, Hunter & Warlock. What he lacks in long range Special ability, he makes up for from being built like a tank. For his Exotic Gear, I usually equip Ruin Wings for his Striker Sub-Class. The buff triggers heavy ammo drops more consistently. It doesn’t trigger all the time, but when it does kick in, it’s a nice perk.

Even after playing the other two classes, Titan is still the most natural for me to use because I played with only this character for so long. Next…

Hunter Origin Legendary
The Gear worn in these scenes were acquired before Destiny’s second expansion. So, you probably won’t see them worn in the game much these days. After researching the Gear, understanding which Exotics are great and which are…not-so-great, I discovered this Exotic Helmet wasn’t great. Though, I figured as much after I began to use it. The buffs are not that useful, if at all, for the ATS/8 Arachnid.

Hunter is in the middle, in terms of build and speed. Quicker than Titan, not as fluid as the Warlock. I would say he (or she) is an all-around good class. I used Hunter first to do bounties for the Queen in the Second Expansion. Hunter’s ability to be invisible after crouching for a short time makes him ideal for searching through unfamiliar areas and while tracking new targets. Last, but not least…

Warlock Origin Legendary
I made some bad Gear choices with my Titan and Hunter. So, when I created Warlock, I decided to give him the best of everything. Ended up spoiling him to death, hinted by the glowing white ‘bond’ on his arm (he has a collection). He is the most fun character to play, though his jumping abilities are the absolute worst to me. He glides through the air and it’s difficult to jump to high platforms, which are common in any game.

However, he makes up for it with his Special abilities. His Exotic Helmet is called, Obsidian Mind. When Warlock uses his Special ability, called a Nova Bomb, a buff on this Helmet allows your kills to recharge your next Special faster. Usually, you use your Special ability to wipe out a bunch of enemies at once. Then, it does take some time to recharge your Special in order to use it again. If you kill a large wave of bad guys with a Nova Bomb, at least half of your Special will be recharged upon their demise.

Well, that’s it, the Exos of Destiny. All male. All Exos. All mine. I will continue to share my adventures and thoughts here.

Destroy them all, Guardians.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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